I have seen several of our competitor’s products installed on some Arcade1up machines, and all I can say is that I am horrified. The quality problems are visible without even looking very hard. Here are some horrific examples that I spotted in the last couple of days. It makes me wonder why I put so much effort into quality, and product improvement, when people don’t seem to care what they get, as long as it’s shiny and bright and they can have it tomorrow

Let’s kick it off with this beauty.

Here is another one. long visible screws. 3/4 inch brackets, when the entire cabinet is made of 1/2 inch material. Light leaks from the sides.

Yet another one. Huge visible screws, oversized brackets, light leaks and a visible shadow at the top of marque (right below the bracket).

Visible screws, oversized brackets with shadowing, light leaks on both sides.

Here is another picture that shows the poor design of the marquee’s structure. You can see the huge screw tunnel and the giant, oversized screw. Horrific.

Another one. Light leak, Hughe visible screws, clumsy brackets, shadowing at the top.

The horror continues with these screws and huge, oversized brackets.

I don’t even know what to say about the quality of the light fixtures they use. (The cheapest, tape backed, flexible led strips they can find).

Now that you know what to look for, see if you can pick out the defects in this one? That’s right….visible screws, The Hulk character is cut off, oversized brackets. The visible screw is not even straight.

Only the right side of this marquee is visible, so you cannot see the horrors hiding on the left side. Huge light leak, oversized brackets.

After all that carnage, let me show you what your marquee should look like. This is our Light Box marquee for Gen 3 cabinets. No shadows, no visible screws, no light leaks, 1/2 inch brackets all around, black mounting hardware. The best available at any price.