May 30, 2020

POLYCARBONATE – Arcade1up Replacement Control Panel – Option 3

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Add a POLYCARBONATE Deck Protector

You can add a matching Polycarbonate ‘Deck Protector’ to your control panel by selecting this option. The holes are pre-cut and match the control panel.



This panel is CNC cut from 1/2 inch polycarbonate.  It will not crack or break like a plexiglass panel can.  The edge will come raw.  You can sand it and optionally flame polish it, depending on how much shine/light diffusion you are looking for.

This panel features a standard layout with 1 joystick and six buttons for each player. This panel does not have a speaker cutout.  This panel will fit 28MM buttons and any joystick that mounts from the bottom, with the original screws.

Our replacement panels for the Arcade1up cabinets, allows you to more easily install a Raspberry PI upgrade.  All panels are precision CNC cut from two-sided 1/2 inch thick melamine.  Melamine allows for an easier installation of decals because the surface does not need to be prepped and painted.  These panels have the T-Moulding groove cut into them.

You can also add-on a polycarbonate. deck protector.  Polycarbonate is not brittle like plexiglass and will not crack.  It’s the stuff they make bulletproof glass out of.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 3 in
Deck Protector

Add a Deck Protector

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