Why Arcade1up light up marquees from Costco cabinets will not fit 1st Generation cabinets.

Here are a couple pictures to explain why the lighted marquees installed on the Costco editions of Mortal Kombat II and Pac Man will not fit your Arcade1Up 1st Generation cabinets.

The Costco marquee is almost two inches thick. The standard marquee is 1/2 inch thick. There is not enough space for this to fit on a standard cabinet.
The screw hole locations are different. On the left side is the Costco cabinet hole placement. You can see that it is almost 2 inches farther back compared to the 1st generation cabinet, shown on the right.

In addition to the hole placement and space issues, the power connector is not standard, so you would have to replace the connector with a standard 12V connector, (if you could even fit this on your cabinet).

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