How to Install the ON/OFF from the control panel wiring harness.

These instructions will help you install the Control Panel Light Switch Kit.

Step 1. Remove the control panel from your Arcade1up cabinet.

Step 2. Locate the interface board and then locate the Power connector. The power connector is usually marked with the word “Power”. It should be a TWO PIN connector with RED & BLACK wires.

Step 3. Disconnect the RED AND BLACK cable that is plugged into that position on the interface board.

Step 4. Plug in the supplied connector with the short loop of wire to the harness you just removed from that spot.

Step 5. Connect the new cable assembly into the power port on the interface board.

Step 6. Reinstall the control panel onto your cabinet. Don’t forget to re-connect the ribbon cable.

Step 7. Now you can connect the CPU Board, Light Fixture and then the Power Supply.

8. At this point, you are done. Your light should turn on/off from the control panel.

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  1. I am blown away by how great the marquee looks on my cabinet. Can’t wait to order my next one. Perfect in every way!!!

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