Gallery of Shadows

Below are several examples of shadows found on the “Snap Together” style marquee that one of our competitors sells.

The competition has a long history of taking our products and copying them exactly. Their first product was an exact copy of our light fixture.

Their main product used to be an exact copy of our “Blackout” marquee. They got very good reviews for that product. Since it was an exact copy of our product, I would have expected nothing less.

In August 2019 we introduced the LightBox marquee. Our competition got their hands on that one, too. Of course, they wanted to copy it. They realized it was too much work to build a full Light Box, so they just copied the front frame. Same materials, same measurements. But, this time they made one huge mistake. They decided to use ‘snap-on’ U-channel brackets for the outer frame. They picked a bracket that was too small to cover the main frame of the marquee.

That is what causes all of the shadow issues with their products.

This has been brought to their attention, many times, but they continued selling a flawed product for almost a year.

They recently admitted to this flaw and are supposedly trying to remedy the situation.

They have shipped hundreds of flawed products with this problem.

With a few simple engineering advances, I was able to resolve this issue, with a couple of simple parts. It only took about 1/2 hour to come up with and test the fix.

Check our store for this new kit, that will eliminate the shadows and reveal all the graphics you paid for. A simple two-minute install will bring your marquee up to 2020 standards.

This one illustrates the frame defect pretty clearly.
This one has some serious shadow issues on all 4 sides. The frame is blocking the graphic and creating that band of shadows around the edges.

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