How to install the $40 Marquee

  1. Remove your old marquee.
  2. Transfer the lower piece of wood on your existing marquee to the new marquee, using the 3 provided screws.

3. Follow the instructions for the Light Harness Kit to install the wiring

4. Install the light bar about 4 inches back on the top panel of the game. Be sure the light is centered in the middle of the marquee (both horizontally and vertically). You might want to temporarily install it, so you can best test the position that works best for you. You should use a couple of pieces of packing tape, to do the testing, as the adhesive tape that comes with the light strip is very strong.

5. Install the marquee into place. It should sit above the top edge of the monitor plexiglass cover. The lower piece should sit flush with the wood of the top panel- NOT ON THE PLEXIGLASS. Use the two provided short screws to install the marquee. The screws are self-tapping, so there are no holes pre-drilled into the marquee. Tighten them hand tight, with a screwdriver.

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