How long does it take to receive my order?

All marquees have the typical ship times in the description. Some may ship sooner, and some may ship later due to supply issues.

I don’t see the graphic I want. How can I order a specific graphic?

You can send a note on the contact page or leave a note in the ‘order notes’ box when you checkout. Each type of marquee has some standard options available on the menu.

Do you ship orders internationally?

Yes, the shipping calculator can give you a shipping price. Shipping internationally is expensive, and we don’t really have any other available other than those listed.

What is the difference between the GEN 1/GEN 3 Light Box marquees and the $40 marquee?

The $40 marquee is an entry-level product. It is a flat piece, which requires you to move parts from your old marquee over to it, to complete the install. The Light Box marquees are a one-piece 3D design. You do not need to make anything over from your old marquee. The Light Box marquees have an integrated light fixture with optimal placement for the best light distribution, the $40 marquees have a separate light strip that you attach to the cabinet. Both styles of marquee include the on/off from the control panel harness and the same quality graphics. You can see pictures of both types in the item descriptions, as each has a photo gallery.

Why are there no mounting holes drilled in the Light Box marquees?

The quality and consistency of each of the Arcade1up cabinets vary greatly. In order to get the best light seal, the marquee must be mounted right up against the monitor bezel. Once you have it positioned, you can just install the two self-tapping screws for the optimal fit for your cabinet. This allows for the best possible install outcome.