How in install your Gen 3 Light Box marquee

Step 1: Remove your old marquee and speaker panel. Refer to the assembly manual that came with your game if you have questions.

Step2: Remove the LED light assembly- just slide it up and out. Install your speakers. Just transfer them from your old panel to the new panel.

Step 3: Re-install the light panel by sliding it back in. The LED light bar should face the front of the marquee.

Step 4: Place the marquee on your cabinet. Route BOTH wires through the slot at the top of the monitor panel. Install the two provided screws to secure the marquee. There are no pre-drilled holes in the marquee. Once you have it lined up on your cabinet, just use a hand held, manual screw driver to install the screws. Tighten hand tight. These do not need much force to tighten.

Step 5: Locate the marquee light power outlet, located on the back of the monitor. Use the provided adapter and attach it to the cable that comes out of the light. It will adapt the light to fit the connector on the monitor. Plug your speakers back in to the speaker port.

Step 6: Turn on your game and enjoy the light.