Deluxe Marquee for Arcade1up 40th Anniversary Style Cabinets

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Our Deluxe Marquee for the Arcade1up 40th Anniversary cabinet repositions the marquee from the default position and moves it forward by 3.25 inches.  This makes your cabinet look more authentic when compared to the real arcade machine.  The marquee is an easy swap with your stock marquee.   You will need to move your speakers to the new marquee.  This marquee will plug into the stock marquee power port, and will turn on/off from the stock control panel switch.

Lead time on these is about 14 days.

You can watch a short review and install video of the marquee, at this link.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 10 in
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4 reviews for Deluxe Marquee for Arcade1up 40th Anniversary Style Cabinets

  1. Scott High (verified owner)

    Very cool item, easy to install, it makes the monitor look set in further like the arcade game.

  2. Rocky Treadway (verified owner)

    Best add-on product for any Arcade1up, especially the pacman cabinet. I cannot stress how much I enjoy the look of the cabinet after installing. Two thumbs up!

  3. laggy503 (verified owner)

    It was a pleasure doing business with Arcade Game Factory. Recieved my marquee and it was perfect! Made my wife’s anniversary, cant say enough good things from customer service and product satisfaction! Highly recommend this company to anyone in the market for a marquee.

  4. zeomare (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible product. I just recently upgraded all my 1ups (7 total) to their versions. Vastly improved colors, detail and far superior lighting makes it a massive improvement over the original stock marquees, a must have for collectors.

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