Ultimate Light Fixture for Walmart/Econo cabinets


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The ULTIMATE LIGHT FIXTURE is used to light the latest wave of Arcade1up cabinets without a marquee light.  Arcade1up has released some Econo cabinets to Walmart (and others) and has removed the light fixture to save costs.  They still include a translucent marquee, that can easily be lit, by adding a light fixture.  You can check to see if you have a translucent marquee, by shining a light from behind the marquee.  If you can see the marquee light up, then this will work.  It will not work with solid wood marquees.

This light fixture is the ultimate upgrade for those cabinets missing the marquee light.  This features a full-length mount and support for the light fixture as well as a full-length defuser.  The diffuser spreads the light and eliminates the hot spots that occur when the LED strip is too bright and too close to the graphic.   The result is an evenly lit marquee, from edge to edge.

This particular model of light can be used in the Wall Mart Cabinets, Gen 3 cabinets, and any other that has a light port on the CPU board.  The power connection will have a standard MALE end.

The installation process takes only a couple of minutes.  Remove your marquee, install the fixture in seconds, plug in the light to the light strip port on the CPU board and reassemble your cabinet.  That’s it!

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Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 2 × 2 in


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