Terms of Sale

All items are built to order.  There is nothing sitting on the shelf, ready to ship.  Each order takes several days to prepare, package and ship.  

You will NOT receive any status updates as your order processes. You WILL receive a tracking number directly through PAYPAL when your order ships.

If your payment is not received-  (CHECK YOU PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO SEE IF THE MONEY HAS ACTUALLY BEEN DEDUCTED)-  your order will be cancelled.  

If you are ordering a marquee, your order will NOT SHIP until your batch comes in to production.  Your order will be bulit in the order received.  If you are the first order in the batch, you will ship first-  if you are the last order in the batch, you will ship last.    It can take up to 10 days for your order to process through the production window.   

There may be delays in your ship time due to material constraints from vendors, equipment failures or other unforseen issues.  

For questions, use our contact form on this page.  We WILL NOT guarantee any responses via any other method.  Due to high volumes of messsages- IT MAY TAKE 48 HOURS (TWO BUSINESS DAYS)  to get a response-  NO RESPONSES  SHOULD BE EXPECTED ON WEEKENDS.